We’d just like to thank all our lovely customers for the support we’ve had while we have been able to trade. I’m so so sorry that we can’t serve you again for some time. Farndon is a great place to run a pub and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

But we can’t carry on like this. Open up, shut down, open up again, shut down again. And then having to close on Christmas Eve too. We have never had a normal days trading.
HMG clearly do not appreciate that you cannot switch a business on and off like an electric light switch without incurring substantial costs, disruption and damage to morale.
So we have decided that the safest action we can take to safeguard our fledgling business is to close until we’re as sure as we can be that we can trade normally and permanently. God only knows when this will be but I suspect we will have to wait a good few months, probably until around Easter or maybe even later. All this for what seems like a relatively mild virus.

Cheers, Jonney and Jerry