We are so sorry that we are closed. Hopefully we'll be open again on Wednesday 2nd December as Boris promised.

I just hope that HMG know what they're doing - it seems to me an impossible task to try and stop a virus spreading by telling everyone to stay home as it will surely take hold again once everyone is out and about.  The important thing is to make sure the health service can cope with the illness and you'd think that after 7 months of building Nightingale hospitals, buying PPE, buying ventilators, training staff and the huge investment in testing and tracing we'd be ready. However it appears this is not the case and that we have to lock down yet again.

I'd like to thank all our customers who have been so supportive - I'd give you all a hug but of course I'd be thrown in jail by Herr Johnson.

Cheers, Jonney and Jerry